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Tax preparation service

Individuals can file their own Income Tax Return via SARS e-filing, but it is highly recommended that you use a qualified Tax Practitioner to to assist you with the filing of your Taxes.  

It is incredibly important that information submitted via your Tax Return is complete and accurate, as it is a binding legal document with SARS, and wrong or incomplete information could lead to harsh fines, interest, additional taxes payable of even jail time.

We can assist with full compliance with 3 easy steps:

Tax filing services included in our fee

  • Collection of all your relevant Income Tax documentation
  • Calculation of your Income Tax liability
  • Completion and submission of your Income Tax return via SARS e-filing
  • Comparing SARS’ assessment with our tax calculation and lodging an objection should the assessment differ from our calculation
  • Provide you information regarding salary restructuring possibilities and other tax saving opportunities for future tax years

Get in touch with us through our Income Tax Information page. After you’ve submitted the short online form, we will send you an email to gather the necessary documentation which you can forward to us via email or mail.

After we’ve received all your information, we will perform a no obligation quick tax calculation. We will then email the outcome of your tax liability to you, together with a pro-forma invoice for our Tax Filing service. If you decide to make use of our Tax Filing service, we will send a power of attorney for completion to authorise us to submit your tax return.

Once we’ve received your payment and completed Power of Attorney, we will complete and submit your Income Tax Return on e-Filing.

If you don’t receive your assessment within 30 days after we received all your relevant tax documents and payment, we will refund our tax filing fees charged.

Even if you are not required by SARS to submit an Income Tax Return, you may still be due a refund if your employer over deducted tax, without having any qualifying tax expenses. You will not know if you do not submit your tax return.

SARS levies administrative penalties for the late submission of returns, occurring every month the return is late for a maximum of 35 months. The penalty amount that will be charged depends on a taxpayer’s taxable income and can range from R250 up to R16 000 a month for each month that the non-compliance continues.

Submit outstanding returns

SARS advise to submit the outstanding return(s) to stop further admin penalties, whether you agree or disagree with the admin penalties, as the penalty will reoccur for every month the return(s) remains outstanding.

How to object

If you disagree with the penalty, you must submit a Request for Remission, and based on the grounds you provided, SARS will make a decision whether to allow the remission in full or partially. If the penalty (partially or in full) remains outstanding, SARS can appoint an agent (such as your employer) to collect the money on their behalf, with interest.

It should be clear that, even if you were not obliged to submit a tax return, it can still cause big headache to rectify your tax compliant status with SARS.

If you submit your income tax return every year, you show SARS that you are tax compliant and they keep informed about your income and tax affairs. This could reduce the risk of being audited by SARS in future if they see that your tax affairs are being taken care of.

Provide us with your Income Tax information. You can upload your tax documents to us, or you can submit your tax information via our easy Tax Information form if you are not sure what you should include. We will use the information submitted to inform you what documentation we’ll need.