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Submit your personal income tax information

You can answer the Income Tax questions below to indicate your income and expenditure items. This will help us determine which documents we must collect from you. Alternatively, if you have all your tax documents ready, you can UPLOAD them or EMAIL them to us.

Salary, pension and/or allowancesCommissionLump sum paymentsInterest or dividends from a South African bank or financial institutionRental income from property located within South AfricaIncome from own business or partnershipAny income from a source outside South Africa

Contributions to a South African medical aidAny payments for medical or dental expenses with your own fundsDonations to an approved Public Benefit OrganisationContributions to a South African Retirement Annuity Fund and/or Pension FundContributions towards an Income Protection PolicyTravel expenses against a travel allowance or commission incomeOther tax deductible expenses

Did you receive a subsistence allowance in respect of local or foreign travel?Did you sell any fixed assets during the year of assessment?